5 Elements of a Successful Patient Engagement Strategy

To successfully achieve patient engagement in your health care practice, consider these five elements: Define your organization’s vision for patient engagement. Create a culture of engagement. Employ the right technology and services. Empower patients to become collaborators in their care. Chart progress and be ready to change and adapt. By athenahealth, Inc. Published: February 2014 To […]

The Mobile Patient: How mHealth Tools are Paving the Way for Better Care Management

“Survey showed that the wide spread availability of mobile technology has had a positive impact on the coordination of patient care. Researchers found strong correlations to suggest that the mobile technology did have a noticeably positive effect in helping patients stick to chronic care management regiments”.  May 27, 2015 by Rajiv Leventhal, Healthcare Informatics.   […]

Insights Adherence 2014

“Why don’t people take their medicine? Nearly 50% of people taking a chronic medication stop taking it in the first year, 1 with the biggest drop-off occurring in the first month. Everybody has their own reason, or reasons. Simple forgetfulness is common. Some people can’t afford to fill their prescriptions, or they may have a hard time getting to the pharmacy. Others don’t understand how to take their medicine […]

Impact of Managed Therapy on Adherence to Medications Used to Treat Multiple Sclerosis and Related Comorbid Conditions

Results: Mean proportion of days covered rates improved significantly in the group managed for at least 6 months compared with those who were less managed. Positive screenings for fatigue and depression reduced adherence in the less-managed group but not in patients with longer participation in the program. Conclusions: Overall, the CCMS program significantly increased adherence […]

Walgreens wants to be pharmacys face of digital health

“Walgreens president Alex Gourlay opened up the keynote session for HIMSS, where he expounded upon Walgreens’ stance as one of the largest pharmacy companies in the United States and its ability to leverage digital health as a means to expand business and patient engagement” By Timothy Aungst, PharmD on May 4, 2015 Pharmacy News. – See more […]

Lack of Adherence Data – Is Pharma in the Dark?

S3 Survey findings indicates that a mere 14% of pharma respondents think they have sufficient medication adherence data for all products in their portfolio. [86% of respondents are motivated to consider medication adherence solutions and are seeking better patient and real-world insight/data.] By Dr Nicola Davies on Apr 28, 2015 Eye for Pharma. To read more follow this […]

Technology that enables pharmacy to engage with their customers.

 Wim Battaerd co-founder of Pharmengage was interviewed at the “Transpharmation” show by Robert Sztar.  We have designed an engaging environment to connect the customer to your pharmacy. In store and also when the customer are not at your store.PharmEngage increases prescription volumes by over 10% and medication compliance by 22%. PharmEngage delivers a Customer Management Solution […]

Estimated Annual Pharmaceutical Revenue Loss Due to Medication Non-Adherence

“Revenue loss for non-adherence is estimated to be $564 billion, or 59% of the $956 billion in total global pharmaceutical revenue. Medication non-adherence is one of the most serious problems in healthcare, posing a heavy financial impact on all constituencies. For insurers, employers, and patients, non-adherence significantly increases healthcare costs as a result of disease-related […]

A digital prescription

“Digitally enabled healthcare is here, and most pharmaceutical companies aren’t ready. Despite access to unprecedented data and technologies that can be used to drive better health outcomes by influencing customer behavior, few are truly exploring digital-engagement models. The opportunity to learn more about consumers and develop better, more targeted products and services far outweighs the […]

Healthcare’s digital future

The adoption of IT in healthcare systems has, in general, followed the same pat­tern as other industries. Many institutions in the private and public sector have already moved to the full digitization of their entire enterprise, including digital products, channels, and processes, as well as advanced analytics that enable entirely new operating models. Now that […]