PharmEngage delivers the first Healthcare Customer Management Solution that provides easy to use tools to improve compliance – adherence, customer service, customer loyalty and business results. We have designed an engaging environment where the healthcare consumer can address healthcare and wellness issues and questions. PharmEngage increases prescription volumes by over 10% and medication compliance by 22%.
Are you a?
The engagement engine driving the healthcare sector
Engage is an innovative and scalable member administration solution designed to help you with all aspects of member management. Engage is designed to provide solutions to challenges faced by patient associations in the areas of member education, communication, campaign and marketing initiatives.
Secure and protected aggregation, extraction and management of membership data.
Tailored reports and management of membership database.
Automated communication and campaign management.
Easily accessible comprehensive library of patient-focused literature and educational videos designed to aid members in the management of their condition.
Increases opportunity for new member recruitment.
Secure and protected aggregation, extraction and management of membership data.
Tailored reports and management of membership database.
Automated communication and campaign management.
Easily accessible comprehensive library of patient-focused literature and educational videos designed to aid members in the management of their condition.
Increases opportunity for new member recruitment.
Better Care Market (BCM) is an Australian owned and operated online store that provides a wide range of independent living aids to support people suffering from issues caused by chronic diseases. BCM provides a practical solution to assist in the management of chronic diseases to improve patient’s quality of life.
BCM Mission
1 out of 2 Australians suffer from chronic disease. BCM mission is to provide a market that can offer the largest selection and most reliable living aids so that patients can maintain their independence.
Who are we?
Our store is Australian owned and founded by individuals who have worked in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry for over 25 years. This has provided us with a great understanding of how to improve the quality of life of Australians living with chronic diseases.
BCM Products
We have selectively chosen the best products to suit our customers needs as well as sourcing uncommon and hard to find products that are not widely available. We are continually updating our portfolio and encourage our customers to contact us regarding specific products and feedback.
The BCM Promise
We aim to provide industry leading service through competitive pricing and efficient delivery of products. Since products are categorised by ailment patients shopping experience is simple, easy and convenient.
bonadea WELL
Closed health information platform, infinite personalised and relevant health content, CMS (content management system), peer to peer communication suite, variety of newsfeeds, wellness tools and quizzes
Medication management suite integrated in bonadea BUY, awareness and adherence project management suite
bonadea BUY
Closed integration into bonadea WELL, simplified prescription repeat ordering solution via bonadea WELL, simplified direct to consumer healthcare product offerings (push&pull) via bonadea WELL
bonadea GLUE
Customer loyalty program linked into bonadea WELL & BUY, smart customer recognition technologies, customisation for required discount and reward solutions
bonadea SAVE
Electronic wallets integrated in ENGAGE FINANCE and bonadea BUY & GLUE, unique and innovative voucher and reward solutions
Extra revenue calculator
How many customers with chronic medications would you enroll per day?
Average pharmacy working days per month?
Enlighten patient journey
  • 75% of patients would like to use digital healthcare services.
  • All age groups are willing to use digital services for healthcare.
  • Patients over 50 prefer websites and email, and need information about services for acute and chronic conditions, while younger patients want access to health promotion and prevention services.
Support Programs
The vast majority of patients don’t just want patient services— they expect them. 76%of patients think pharmaceutical companies have a responsibility to provide information and services that help patients manage their own health. 74%—indicate that the most appropriate time to initiate outreach is when they start taking a medication, although half of them are open to receiving assistance after they have begun a course of treatment or are considering switching.
The four services or information patients most expect or want are:
  • Reward programs
  • Product information
  • Financial assistance
  • Measuring and tracking and alerts
  • Product Information and Physician Referrals
  • Access to patient support forums
  • Access to patient support forums
  • Access to clinical trials
  • Nurse support via phone
  • Lifestyle coaching and training
  • Adherence support
  • In-home nurse support
Copyrights Health prize
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Who we are?
PharmEngage Australia offers a unique suite of solutions to the Australian healthcare market. All solutions are genuinely Australian made by PDLA Group, a company established by Wim Battaerd and Erik Louwerens and headquartered in Sydney, Australia. PharmaEngage has shown a continuous drive to make a difference in Australian healthcare. With our talented team of professionals we make realistic and sustainable healthcare solutions available and improve communication between manufacturers, healthcare professionals and healthcare consumers. We do this with a customer-centric approach, ensuring that we maximise the added value for you and your customers.
PharmEngage provides an interactive end-to-end solution to connect patients, pharmacies and healthcare suppliers. PharmEngage offers an integrated solution that diversifies revenue streams and provides a strong resource and support base. It creates engagement ability and focus through a trusted and reliable network that is broad reaching and individualised.
To drive healthcare consumer wellness in a sustainable healthcare environment
To facilitate the communication between healthcare professionals, healthcare consumers and the healthcare suppliers by deploying clever technology at multiple access-points, and provide relevant healthcare information and services engaging the healthcare vertical.
To market innovative IT solutions for the healthcare space utilising the ENGAGE suite for the healthcare professional and the bonadea suite for the healthcare consumer
as a team
Erik Louwerens
  • Pharmaceutical industry executive in multiple CEO roles.
  • Nutraceutical entrepreneur
  • Communicator, negotiator and expert in compliance and disease prevention.
Wim Battaerd
  • Pharmaceutical industry executive with experience in sales, marketing and business re-engineering.
  • International entrepreneur in pharmaceutical sales effectiveness, data & consultancy.
  • Visionary, expertise in business, health, information concepts, data concepts and analytics.
Nirav Vyas
Software Technology Manager
  • Creative, results driven technology leader with 15 years of Software Product Development experience.
  • Change Agent and problem solver with a passion for technology.
  • Expert in technology architecture & integration.
Laura Hernandez
Marketing Manager
  • Pharmaceutical industry executive in multiple sales and marketing roles.
  • Patients Support Programs entrepreneur.
  • Expert in communications for the healthcare consumers.
Marnix Ravesteijn
Chief Solutions Architect
  • IT Consulting entrepreneur with expertise in business and system integration.
  • Software Implementation Consultant with experience in the food and health industry.
  • Conceptual and analytical problem-solver focussed on user friendly and client centric solutions.
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Contact Information
Please get in touch with us for additional information about Engage. We would love to hear from you.

Email address: [email protected]

PharmEngage Pty Ltd L2, 21 Chandos Street, St Leonards, NSW 2065 PO Box 422, St Leonards, NSW 1590, Sydney, Australia
Phone: 1300 172 151
Frequently Asked Questions
Access To TeamViewer:
Cannot open Engage:
  • Check the bottom task bar next to the time and look for the Engage icon. If you see the small Engage icon, the program is still running in the background. Double click on the icon on the bottom task bar, Engage will commence.
Overrule Option not seen for medication:
  • When a customer does not reply or replies other than Yes, 1, OK or Thanks, an action is created in the Follow-up tab in Today’s Action List. The pharmacist can review the reminder and overrule the date in that section and then click on the re-send option.
Cannot use Look-up Product to add medication to the customer profile:
  • Look-up Product is only used for a medication that the customer has never used and it enables the medication to be placed into the customer profile. If the customer has previously used the medication, it will be located in the Dormant or the Undefined Repeat Intervals section.
Click on the expand option on all the tabs to find the medication : bonadea
Customer Details are not seen in the Online Order:
  • In order to view the full details of the customer, click on Details in the online orderClick on the Human icon, to view the full details of the customer.
Previous dispensed date not seen:
  • If the medication is 0 of 0 (once off script), we do not show the date of dispensing.
  • If the medication was deferred, there is no date of dispensing.
Email reminder (Unable to click on Prefill or Email was not received):
  • The Prefill reply option with email is an image, some email providers ask if you wish to download the images in the email, in this case advise the customer to click on download images, then they would be able to see the Prefill reply option.
  • If the customer claims that they have not received the reminder at all, please ask them to check their Junk or Spam folders.
Customer has two profiles:
  • If the customer has two profiles please check with your dispense system and select which one of the profiles has the current data. In Engage, deactivate the other incorrect profile by firstly placing “X” in front of the first name and the last name, for instance if there are two profiles for James Blunt -> XJames XBlunt, then deactivate.
Creating bulk messages (Promotional Messages for all your Registered Customers):
Note: If the customer is not registered you will not be able to send any promotional or personal messages as you will not have the contact details for the customer. However if there are E-commerce customers you do not need to register them as they will be automatically registered in Engage once they order online.Click on Message Box->bonadeaNew Message -> bonadea
  • A new window will open up and then click on the search icon located below the Select Customers section ->
  • Select the type of communication you want to send, either E-mail or SMS or both. Also, you can select customer by their interest Groups for instance Asthma, Vitamins and many more.
  • Select all the customers or select individually, or you can even UN CHECK them individually if you don’t wish to send a message to a particular customer ->
  • Compose the Email or SMS ->
  • Send now if it’s less than 100 messages or it’s a better idea to send later if the number of messages is greater than 100, to avoid traffic.
For more information on specific issues (Please watch the training Videos):
Pharmacy Console -> View Training -> Videos
For more Details :
Please fill in Contact Us form with your questions. We'll get back to you soon.